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Pure Athlete

Welcome to PureAthlete my name is Marquan Ellison,  it is my honor to be your fitness coach! With a background in professional football, Division I football at Utah State University, and track and field, I bring a ton of energy and expertise to our training sessions.

Whether you’re aiming to crush your athletic goals, shed some pounds, or just feel amazing in your own skin, I’m here to hype you up and help you smash those goals. Let’s team up and make your fitness dreams a reality!

Transforming Bodies,

Empowering Lives

Our Programs stand out for several reasons:


Competitive Lifestyle: Programs made to challenge and push individuals to new levels, creating a confident, healthy lifestyle.


Comprehensive Workouts: We cover all aspects of fitness, from strength and cardio to flexibility and mobility.


Ongoing Support: We're with you every step of the way, providing motivation, advice, and adjustments as needed.


Results-Driven: Our programs are designed to deliver real, lasting results, helping you achieve the body and health you desire.

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What we offer

Training Sessions

Energizing Full Body Blitz

This workout is designed to hit every muscle group, leaving you feeling invigorated and strong. Expect a mix of strength and cardio exercises to challenge your body and elevate your heart rate for a full-body burn.

Power Pump: Legs and Glutes

Focus on building strength and definition in your lower body with this intense leg and glute workout. Squats, lunges, and targeted exercises will leave your lower body feeling the burn and your muscles pumped.

Upper Body Bonanza

Sculpt and tone your arms and abs with a variety of targeted exercises. This session will help you build strength in your upper body while also engaging your core for a full-body workout.

Join us and experience the difference!

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